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Anno 1404 Cheats: With few clicks to wealth

There are two kinds of cheat codes for Anno 1404: Those who work and those that do not work (or half). We clear on more than two …

Anno 1404 cheats that work: wealth

To bring it in Anno 1404 a millionaire, you need a lot of patience. With this money you will cheat at the beginning of the game to enjoy, not to have to watch your wallet. For the cheat you need the program “Artmoney”, for example, you can download for free on

Open Artmoney and then start the Anno.exe. When you arrive in the main menu, go back to the Windows interface. In Artmoney choose from in the process window Anno 1404. Now click Search and type in the value-line “80 000″ one. You will now see on the left side, a number of entries displayed, unplug all with a double into the right window. Make sure that each entry is copied only once and there are not more than 60 entries. In the column “Value” enter now for all entries “999999999″ (before you are right now: That’s nine nines) one. Do not close the window to save is not necessary.

Then you switch back to Anno 1404 and choose a continuous game. Make your selections as normal, as the initial value, however, select “80 000″ and instead of counting ships. When you start the endless game, you start with 999 million units of money. In our Bildergalerei we explain step by step with the use of ArtMoney Anno 1404 (see below).

Anno 1404 cheats that do not work: DümmDüDüDümm, Bonanza!

Anno 1404 gives you the opportunity to rename the office of your settlement. According to various tips and tricks pages can be reached at certain name entries more money, tools or research achievements. We have taken the test and the “Cheats” tried. And lo and behold: Anno 1404 you exposed to a small reward as a cheater: Who as “Bonanza Creek” enter the name, will receive 10 diamonds. Then he Anno 1404 all glory sweeps points.

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