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Arcania: Gothic 4-complete solution-Zoldren and Xesha

With the complete solution to Arcania: Gothic 4 PC games run safely through the campaign. We’ll show you how to create the quests and where to find important items. Tips and tricks are included.

They have resisted the undead and are about to bring back peace to the world. On the last decisive battle!

The ancient mage Xardas tower several stores in his treasures. Open all the chests and take the armor and scrolls themselves. They talk briefly with Xardas and create the seal of the goddess that has forged the mage just for you. Then go along to the tower down.

The Temple
The temple complex is Zoldren Although a larger complex, but there is no risk that you get lost. Of enemies you face here skeletons, golems, and demons. It is important that you turn off all enemies, because they carry the materials for your last upgrade weapons with them. They generally keep a close eye on Ore’s Dark, which is distributed throughout Zoldren in the form of small reddish lumps.

Demonic opponents
Go to the first branch [1] to the east and clean this part [2] in a tour. You return to the first room and go further west. The skeletons and golems cause few problems and works with the demons of the same technique as with mine crawlers. Once the demon performs his melee attack, you go backwards and get a headshot with a crossbow or bow. Then let him come back, soft back and shoot again. After a few shots of the demon is defeated. To the south of the dungeon now runs straight until you end up [3] on two demons and two meet on ‘Bael. First, lure the demons down to you so you do not have to fight four opponents at once. The demons are killed, you go too high on the ‘Bael and make them one after the finish off.

Back at the monastery
The way is now open to the monastery. On the way there and again in the monastery itself, you expect some opponents, but all who know you already, and therefore easily evacuate from the path. After all enemies are slain in the monastery, you enter the Chamber of Xesha.

The ancient goddess is awake and angry. With this tactic you have fight the winged monster once and for all in his place.

The winged lady waiting in the sanctuary below the monastery on you. She holds two different phases in the fight for you.

Phase 1
At the beginning you have to deal only with Xesha alone. It changes regularly from melee to ranged combat. In combat you use your powerful attack, in order to prevent from Xesha. For longer combinations have little time, because the demon strikes very quickly. She has collected two hits, they teleport to the stairs and bombards you with stray spells. Stand behind the sealed magical portals, which are the right and left of the stairs and shoot you back out of cover. After a few hits Xesha comes back down to you. Now and then they continue fighting surrounding a protected area, which however does not prevent you.

Phase 2
The wing monster has accepted some damage, she conjures helpers. Down on the battlefield then appear golems and skeletons. In addition, shoot spikes at you from the bottom, so you must keep moving. You see just before the exit of the stings a green glow on the first Boden.Erschlagen let all the servants and the Goddess while at rest. If the helper does, Xesha goes back into the melee. Place more powerful blows until Xesha again switches to ranged combat. Especially in front of the mighty blows you sure that you are not surprised by the spikes. The tactics of the demon is now changing, and not your not. Add Xesha in the near and far continue to battle damage, until you have Xesha the last spark of life robbed. The adventure is over and you no longer have the opportunity to return again to the game world. For this you can enjoy the final cutscene.

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