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Batman Arkham City Walkthrough: GCPD building and museum part 1

GCPD building

The search for the coldest place in Arkham City brings us to the building of the Gotham City Police Department, where Batman suspects that Mr. Freeze has taken over one of the forensic laboratories. Around the plant have a couple of infantry equipped with firearms to be turned off, but this can be done quite easily from above.

The entrance at the corner and we can charge him with the power press, which we rubber slide under the roller door. The ability to reach the entrance through a duct into the next room, we first ignore us and move ahead. Here, indeed, followed by a lab, waiting in the back a handful of armed men. However, we go straight ahead to the entrance, take us to the Batclaw high on a grid suspended ceiling and still jump over a gap, we come to a ventilation grille. The shaft behind it leads to an elevated vantage point from which we can begin to shut out the opponent.

The last of the thugs does, however, and can be interrogated, and he admits that Freeze is no longer in the building, but the penguin is held in the museum.

By hacking us with the codes of the city works in the security control box, we can leave the GCPD building again. By hacking us with the codes of the city works in the security control box, we can leave the GCPD building again.
Since the second exit to the building currently is not passable, we have to back out, where we walked. There, however, falling to the ground grid and put us firmly in the entrance area. Batman does this action of the penguin that he has the security codes of the city works, and invites them down even further ado. Now we open the hatch in the floor, crawl into the next room there and crack the fuse box with the sequencer and can then leave the room entrance. Outside, we re-electrify the roller door, slide through and find ourselves outside again.

1. Museum

Now that we know now, that is in the museum and not freeze to the police, we are on our way there. At the entrance we expect a few whipping boys, but these are turned off quickly, then we chop the door.

In the entrance, go straight through a lock on it, but right we throw Batman with a pike jump through the window. There is a fuse box, we could theoretically crack the sequencer. However, once we begin to be reported to the penguin and complaining about our intrusion. Batman says that Cobblepot has apparently jammers, which prevent contact with the Bat-Computer. So for now we leave the museum again to turn off the jammer.

The red dots mark the positions of the transmitter or entry into the subway. The red dots mark the positions of the transmitter or entry into the subway.
One jammer

The first station is located on a roof terrace on the northern side of the museum building and can be easily found via distance display. The few penguin henchmen there can be turned off quickly, the firearm with the logically first. Batman then proves his Technikkentnisse by the three transmitter modules simply ripping out the guts cable.

2. jammers

The second station is located east of Ace Chemicals building and the situation here is almost exactly the same as the first. So off thugs and then paralyze the system. But then comes the message that the third station has been managed under the earth and us on the map is the entrance to the subway from Gotham marks.

3. jammers

The search for the right way can be quite difficult, because at the entrances to the covered intersection in front of the subway are everywhere with guns provided henchmen who have it all, in their back areas with proximity mines, so not quietly from the rear off can be. However, there is a place with a hole in the glass roof – this time by the way glass that Batman can not just blow up. There the guard off and take the somewhat hidden narrow entrance to the subway, where two more gunmen may be surprised from behind and we are already in the ground.

Here we follow the path, where we once elegant slider, and then fight through a wall. At the end there is a grid that powers up to two shots on the electric motor and show us the way into the room with the transmitter release. Which is fortunately again replete with gargoyles, so we can relax the five gunmen off from above. Then we can destroy station number three and listen to the angry penguin, while we are on our way back to the museum.

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