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Ship simulator 2012: Simulation to the river boat trip

On 28 June 2012 market astragon a continuation of its successful ship simulator wants to bring on the. The product carries the title coming ship simulator 2012: River boat trip and is to cost 19.99 with sales start? (EIA). Ship Simulator 2012: River boat trip leads us from Frankfurt / Main, Mainz across the Rhine to the Dutch border down there. The player steers altogether seven different ships searched as tanker, tugboat, container ship or ferry. After official manufacturer data THEREBY great importance which attached to technical details and realism. Detailed cockpits with all their functions find substantial Therefore likewise consideration like the realistic representation of the 3D structures surrounding area or modding friendly, Which makes the production and possible integration of own ships into the play. For the completion of special missions and / or orders we receive points of experience. These can be invested into new ships afterwards.


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